T-84 is the Ukrain Main Battle Tank.It has been designed by KMDB in Kharkiv


The Oplot main battle tank is the result of continued main battle tank development by the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau, which is Ukraine's leading design authority for armoured fighting vehicles. The Oplot MBT armament includes a 125mm gun, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun. The tank crew is also equipped with sub-machine guns, hand grenades and a signal pistol. The overall layout of the Oplot main battle tank is conventional with the driver’s compartment at the front, fighting compartment in the centre and power pack at the rear. The driver is seated in the centre and has a single-piece hatch cover that lifts and swings to the right. In front of this are three forward-facing periscopes, the centre one of which can be replaced by a night driving device. There is an escape hatch in the hull floor behind the driver. The commander is seated on the right and the gunner on the left both provided with single-piece roof hatches. The Oplot main battle tank is based on a T-80UD, but has a number of advanced features which distinguish it from the T-80UD. 

The Oplot is also the most advanced Tank from the east.

With the Russian Shtora-1 it is also one of the best protected Tanks in the World

T-84 Prototyp

T-84 is the Ukrainian upgrade of the T-80UD. New welded turret and Shtora-1 countermeasures suite, 1,200 hp (895 kW) 6TD-2 diesel engine.

T-84 show its mobility in snow

Vehicle is fitted with built-in explosive reactive armor blocks. Protection is enhanced by Shtora-1 countermeasures system, significantly increasing tank's survivability against ATGW with semi-active or semi-automatic guidance.

 The T-84 has similar weapons as the T-80UD. It is armed with a 125-mm smoothbore gun, fitted with an autoloader. This MBT is also compatible with the 9K119M Reflex (NATO designation AT-11 Sniper-B) anti-tank guided missiles. These missiles are launched  in the same manner as ordinary rounds. Effective range of fire with APFSDS round is 2 000 - 3 000 m day and 2 000 - 2 600 at night. Armor penetration is about 590 - 630 mm at 2 000 m range.

Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun and roof-mounted 12.7-mm machine gun.

   Vehicle is powered by a 6TD-2 turbocharged diesel engine, developing 1 200 hp. Some variants of the T-84 are powered by a 6TD-3 turbocharged diesel, developing 1 500 hp. Auxiliary gas turbine power unit is fitted to power all the tank's systems, when the main engine is turned off. The T-84 has a deep wading kit, and built-in entrenching blade.

   Models of the T-84 include the T-84U MBT with new armored side skirts, built-in Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armor, muzzle reference system and some other improvements.


The T-84 MBT

T-84 is an improved version of the T-80UD, fitted with new turret. A small number of the T-84 MBTs is in service with Ukrainian Army.With improved armor and Kontakt-5 ERA it has some features more as the T-80 have.

The Tank was create after the collapse of the Soviet Union 1991.They made the Tank to get independent to the Russian Weapon Industrie.

Only Pakistan buyed 330-340 T-84 MBTs.

T-84 Oplot 

T-84 "Oplot". It is variant of the T-84 with a modified turret. This main battle tank features a 120-mm standard NATO caliber main gun and automatically loaded ammunition storage placed in the turret instead of the hull. This version is completed with a great dimension side screens as well.


The T-84U fitted with a 120Mm NATO Gun

The T-84U has improved armor and new side skirts. It is also fitted with an APU. The ‘U’ stands for upgraded.


The T-84M MBT.Good to see the SHTORA-1 System and the new Turret.This Tank is equipped with the 125Mm KBA-3 Gun (2A46M-1)

The Oplot-M main battle tank is a further development of the previous Oplot, which is based on the T-84. This MBT was revealed in 2008. It is an improved version, rather than entirely new design. Also it is worth mentioning that main components of this vehicle were developed in the 1990s. This main battle tank completed Ukrainian Army trials. Currently the Oplot-M is being prepared for entering a small scale production. The first batch of 10 vehicles was planned to be produced in 2009.

   The Oplot-M MBT is fitted with a Nozh-2 built-in explosive reactive armor of new generation, which protects against tandem warheads. It is claimed to be superior to the Russian Kontakt 5 ERA armor. Protection of hull sides was also improved. Vehicle is fitted with Shtora countermeasures system, which reduced hit probability of enemy ATGW with semi-automatic guidance. This MBT can also be fitted with Zaslon active protection system.

   The Oplot-M main battle tank is armed with a 125-mm fully-stabilized smoothbore gun, fitted with a carousel-type autoloader. Vehicle is capable of firing 9K119M Reflex (NATO Designation AT-11 Sniper-B) gun-launched anti-tank guided missiles. These missiles are launched in the same manner as ordinary munitions. Maximum range of fire is 5 000 m. A total of 40 rounds are carried inside the hull.

   Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun and remotely controlled 12.7-mm machine gun, mounted on top of the roof.

   The Oplot-M has improved sights, aiming and observation systems.

   Vehicle is powered by Ukrainian 6TD-2E turbocharged diesel engine, developing 1 200 hp. It is improved and more environmentally friendly version of the previous T-84 diesel engine. This main battle tank is also fitted with auxiliary power unit, which powers all systems, when the main engine is shut down. The Oplot-M is fitted with a deep wading kit and can ford water obstacles up to 5 m deep.

Munition and Gun

The Ukraine 125mm Vitiaz round is one of the most advanced APFSDS-T in the World.

The mix of Metals are classified but it is one of the best APFSDS-T in the World today,and with the good KBA-3 (2A46M-1) Gun it get extrem high penetration level.

The Gun is full stabilized and is able to fire at the move.

There is also an Ukrainian ATGM called "R-211 Kombat".With this ATGM the T-84 have the Capability to engage Moving and static Targets at a Maximum range of 5000 Metres.It is a Tandem-Warhead and penetrates 900Mm HEAT (RHAe)  without Explosive Reactiv Armor and 750Mm HEAT with Explosive Reactiv Armor.It needs 16 Seconds to attack a Target at 5Km The complete Round weight 30.45Kg.

Ukraine 125mm Vitiaz round 760mm at 2km,805-815mm at 1km (2002)


Power to Weight Ratio of the T-84 is 26 hp/t (compared to 18 hp/t of the contemporary Russian T-90, or 22 hp/t of the newer T-90S). It has inherited the nickname Flying Tank from the T-80. The tank is also designed to perform well in hot climates, and even includes an air-conditioned crew compartment (operating temperature range is claimed to be −40 °C to 55 °C).

Crew 3
Dimensions and weight
Total weight in combat order48 t
Overall length9 720 mm
Chassis length7 350 mm
Overall width3 560 mm
Overall height2 285 mm
Main gun2A46M-1 125-mm Smoothbore Gun
Machine guns1 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 12.7-mm
Traverse range360 degrees 
Combat load
Main gun40 rounds
Machine guns1250 x 7.62-mm, 450 x 12.7-mm cartridges
Engine power1200 or 1500 hp.
Maximum road speed65 - 75 km/h
Autonomy on roads540 km
Vertical step1 m
Trench2.85 m
Ford unprepared1.8 m
Ford with preparation5 m

Almost all versions of the T-84 have other protection levels,the list of the "official" protection levels

    Tank                                                   vs KE (mm)                                      vs CE (mm)

    T-84 Yatugan                                       Turret: 850-890                                Turret:1250-1490

                                                              Glacis: 580-600                                 Glacis: 650-680

                                                              Lower front hull: 580-600                   Lower front hull:970-875

     T-84 Oplot                                           Turret: 870-900                                Turret:1330-1600 

                                                               Glacis: 620                                       Glacis: 720

                                                               Lower front hull: 620                          Lower front hull: 820

      T-84U                                                 Turret: 900-920                                 Turret:1400-1750

                                                                Glacis: 620                                        Glacis: 750

                                                                Lower front hull: 620                           Lower front hull: 750

       T-84M                                                Turret: 850-1100                               Turret: 1690-1840

                                                                Glacis: 680-720                                 Glacis: 960-1040